[hatch] architects and planners is a Beirut-based design studio founded by Nada Borgi & Sandra Richani in 2013. [hatch] implies the act of formulating a concept, by marking a space between existing parameters with closely drawn lines, to conceive the project.
The name and office ambition was developed from a frustration of star-architects’ projects overarching statements and lack of sensitivity to context, in Lebanon and the Middle East. The
approach basis is grounded on the idea that to design you need to reinvent the context rather
than demolish it. Negotiation with borders and narratives are our tools to
engage the individual with the senses and the world.

By creating urban and architectural relationships, context-aware and environment-responsive projects become fruitful and sustainable investments.
This approach is based on our experiences, and is coupled by an active think-tank and close
and vibrant connection to the educational institutions in Lebanon that we teach in.